An apple a day keeps the vet away.

An apple a day keeps the vet away.

You’ve probably heard of Monsanto (now Bayer), the agritech giant that has been slapped with almost $2 billion in damages regarding the safety of Roundup, their flagship herbicide, now also the most applied in the world. 


Is it in your gardening toolkit? Throw it out. Are you feeding your kids non organic cereals and bread? Read this. What about kibble - its contaminated as well. The herbicide's use has increased exponentially since 1976. Multiple studies are now showing it causes harm.Industry pundits deny that. We'd rather be safe than sorry. Something the European mindset calls the “precautionary principle”, which means that since 2006, EU companies are required to prove that their products are safe before they are allowed into commerce (called EU REACH Regulation).


 A brief history of glyphosate (the main active ingredient in Roundup), shows it’s apparent start as a cleaning agent for scouring industrial pipes (to remove Ca/Mg/Cu/Zn/Mn minerals/metal deposits), and can be found here. How does glyphosate change the content of minerals crucial to health of soils, fruits, vegetables and our bodies- what are it's health and environmental risks? No one knows for sure. But…let’s face it, it’s not just glyphosate we need to worry about. A multitude of other chemicals contaminate our environment and food, interacting in unanticipated ways. Rising cancer and chronic degenerative disease rates in both humans and pets is not surprising.

In fact, pets are now recognized in medical research as sentinels for the state of our own health. Meaning, our pets are starting to develop many of the same cancers as us, including bladder and breast cancer. Why ? Because they are exposed to many of the same cancer causing agents we are. Back to glyphosate and animals: the regulations for glyphosate residues in animal feed is much higher than for humans, so our animals friends are getting a much higher dose. Roundup Ready Alfalfa comes to mind - it’s used as a horse feed, cattle feed…and also sometimes in "premium" dogfood, aka kibble. And yes, Alfalfa is usually sprayed with glyphosate a few weeks pre harvest to dry it down and make harvesting easier. And of course it’s “Roundup Ready” so has been engineered to withstand higher application rates of glyphosate. Want to feed that to your horse or dog ?


A study published by a German environmental organization (Heinrich Böll Foundation), reported urinary glyphosate residues in 99.6% of the 2,009 people monitored. A third of those had levels 10 to 42 times higher than what is currently considered a safe threshold of exposure. In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic to humans," noting its strong positive association with certain cancers (e.g. non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)) in studies. Some of the damages awarded against Monsanto were for farmers or grounds keepers who developed NHL after long term glyphosate handling.

recent study also states: “We conclude that current safety standards for Glyphosate based Herbicides (GBHs) are outdated and may fail to protect public health or the environment." A European study found that “glyphosate was the main culprit in [pesticide poisoning] cases involving dogs, cats, horses, goats and sheep.” 

In addition, glyphosate based Roundup is commonly used in North American cities for weed control on sports fields, golf courses, public parks and at home.  Your children and pets are sniffing and playing on these Roundup/pesticide treated grasses. It's banned in more and more countries, why not here ? What's more, the  chemical cocktail of additives (or so called "adjuvants") in these herbicides frequently make them up to 1000 times more toxic than glyphosate alone and have implicated the commercial formulas in causing kidney, liver, breast and other cancers. These additives are "trade secrets" and pesticide companies like Monsanto are not required to disclose their makeup, presence or even test their safety. The same is true of other commercial pesticide, herbicide and fungicide formulas containing undisclosed “trade secrets”. Is that why there are thousands and thousands of chemicals released into the environmental each year and they are supposedly "safe"? It's likely our health and safety regulators are just having the wool pulled, very successfully, over their eyes by the chemical and agritech companies. And we are left to be the guinea pigs.


So, it’s up to you to protect your family. 


Other than trying to eat only organic food and failing that, checking the labels on your and your pets food to avoid all pulses and grains treated with glyphosate during preharvest or should:

1) Remove contaminants that are ingested, inhaled or absorbed through skin via regular/ongoing detoxification, for example using a product like Cranimals DTOX  and,
2) Neutralize or destroy tumours or cancerous cells that have already formed. The latter can be accomplished by regularly ingesting specific foods and supplements that have a high activity against a variety of cancer cells. For example, a review of cranberry research discussing cancer, revealed inhibition effects of cranberries or cranberry derived constituents against 17 different cancers (including esophageal, stomach, colon, bladder, prostate, glioblastoma and lymphoma). These studies used anything from tissue extract tests (in vitro), to real life supplementation of human volunteers and live animals (in vivo). 

Many studies of the compounds in a wide variety of berries (including re raspberry, cranberry and blueberry) concluded :” .. impressive evidence is accumulating, suggesting that consumption of berries may well improve responses in several types/cases of cancer.." and " may assist in the reduction of inflammation, inhibition of tumour blood vessel spreading, protection from DNA damage, as well as encouraging cell death of cancer cells." Although it is still unclear which particular constituents are responsible for the extended health benefits, it appears that whole berry consumption generally confers the best anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory protection to humans and animals.

In summary : the most effective delivery of berry compounds for cancer and overall health benefits, appear to be: 

  • higher concentrations than in fresh berries,
  • in the form of whole berries and,
  • in mixtures.  


Since pesticides are widely used in berry cultivation, your best bet is to choose an organic supplement if possible. Cranimals Very Berry ticks all the boxes: it's certified organic, made from whole berry extract and is a combination of three of the most powerful berries in these studies: cranberries, red raspberries and blueberries. It is the ideal complement to Cranimals DTOX, to provide comprehensive cancer as disease protection to you pet, whatever life stage they may be in.


 You can apply these same two strategies to protect yourself and the humans in your life too.


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