Product Name: Cranimals Original

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, this works!

My 5 year old Lhasa-doodle suffers from recurring urinary tract infections and has Struvite crystals in her urine. A year ago, she was seriously ill following surgery to remove stones from a packed bladder. Afterwards, the vet said she must go on a prescription diet but the dog refused to eat it (she is a fussy eater anyway but having read the ingredients, I don't blame her on this occasion). So, I have been feeding her home cooked food or raw meat since then. She seems to be in good health but recent follow-up urine checks have shown increasing amounts of crystals and a very high Ph which meant her urine was alkaline. The vet has said that crystals don't develope in acid urine but there was no way to make this happen without the very expensive and absolutely disgusting prescription diet. I am a retired nurse and know that cranberries are often recommended for healthy bladders in humans, so I did some research regarding dogs and discovered Cranimal. The vet was not impressed and pooh-poohed the suggestion that we give it a try but I went ahead anyway. The result was mind boggling! I tested the urine before I started giving her the daily Cranimal and the Ph was off the chart. After just 4 days it had dropped right to the lowest reading and subsequent tests have shown that it remains there. The only problem is that, as I stated earlier, she is a fussy eater, so sprinkling it on food never works. I soften a slice of cheddar for a few seconds in the microwave then roll it up with the powder in the middle, rather like a sausage roll and feed it to her a bit at a time. Tablets, disguised in peanut butter are much easier

Laura Wright, Vancouver

Product Name: Cranimals Original

I have 3 cats 2 of which I got from VOKRA and unfortunately my big boy (Archer) suffers from chronic UTI's. I had posted on the VOKRA alumni forum about my struggles getting him to eat the vet recommended food (I tried everything/everyway to get him to eat it, but. no.) and it was suggested by VOKRA to try Cranimals. Well... I was in the middle of a move from Calgary to Vancouver so we just got him medication, and he got better, then our moving stress made us put his troubles on the back burner. We get to Vancouver and he starts peeing blood. I know exactly what the vet is going to tell me and I know he won't eat the food, and since he's so sensitive to taking medication, I know I need to do something different. That's when I remember how highly recommended Cranimals was by VOKRA and immediately ran out and picked some up. Literally within days his pee was clear (and he was peeing so much!!) It truly was such a difference. So, Thank You! You have three happy cats and a customer for life :)

Madeline Williamson

Product Name: Cranimals Original

I love your product

I would just like to say how much I love your product. My senior dog had a urinary tract infection making it hard for her hold it when left alone for a short period of time. After a vet trip and some medication, the infection went away but occasionally an accident would still occur. I decided to add something to her diet to help support her urinary tract and came across your product. I am happy to say that with a daily dose of your amazing product, my dog is now completely accident free and healthier than ever. Thank you so much for this amazing product. Lucy and I couldn't be happier -Madeline Williamson

Barbara & Olive, Barabara Hudock

Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

A game changer product!

This product has beena game changer for my dog. Thank-you for a wonderful product.

Justin Wilcox

Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Cranimals is an incredible product

As a dog trainer and rescue voluteer who specializes with fearful and agressive dogs, I see many dogs in despareate need of a nutritious diet. Cranimals is an incredible product and I've seen it breathe new life into these animals. I have tried nearly every supplement out there and have never seen the result that Cranimals produces. Cranimals turns the health of these dogs around in weeks instead of what normally takes maonths. Most of my clients are now on Cranimals and they are steadily spreading the word.