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Our ingredients are also BC Kosher certified (in case your pet may be wondering).

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"My Buster was diagnosed diabetic Apr. 2015 and had 2 UTI's back to back within a few weeks... we started using Cranimals and nothing since... I also love the UTI tests you have, my vet approves and it's $200 less then the full panel of blood work i'd have to order to get my guy checked...So Thank you! 'Cause canine diabetes is a real challenge,"

As a dog trainer and rescue voluteer who specializes with fearful and agressive dogs, I see many dogs in despareate need of a nutritious diet. Cranimals is an incredible product and I've seen it breathe new life into these animals.

My Shasta has had Cranimals included in her since her last issue with crystals, 4 years ago. She has been crystal free since smile emoticon

Love that I can offer a natural preventative for my dogs - my terrific vet suggested I serve Cranimals (Original) after the antibiotics were finished - great sprinkled on yogurt or oatmeal - my 4 are Cranimal lovers

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