What makes a 'Good Friday' Even Greater

What makes a 'Good Friday' Even Greater

By now I'm sure our Fanimals are aware of our 'Good Friday' contributions that donate a case of Cranimals GOLD (48 bags) to nominated non-profit organizations. We've had a plethora of suggestions submitted about what these great causes mean to our Cranimals community, and in return we've sent out donations in the hope that we can provide some assistance to the remarkable volunteers that are at the heart of these animal rescue foundations. 

 Image courtesy of Sally Hull - [email protected]

The best part of each and every 'Good Friday' is when we receive feedback, results and heartwarming stories from the recipients of our donations. Sally Hull is the founder of Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue, a foundation that does specialize in the rescue and rehabilitation of Border Collies, with ongoing efforts in puppy mill rescue of all breeds in the United States. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, Hull's Haven is a truly universal organization that is working to spread their assistance and loving care to as many animals as they can reach. Felix is a foster dog under their care who proved to be an ideal recipient of some Cranimals GOLD. Living with an inoperable health condition that restricts him to a low protein diet, Felix is a puppy whose growth and development is difficult to encourage.

 A shy Felix digging for some GOLD

With a boost of DHA Omega 3's from GOLD we are happy to provide even the smallest bit of help to Felix in the hopes that he will be able to live comfortably under the care of Hull's Haven volunteers, and hopefully will eventually develop into a full-grown dog. While some of our recipients are focused on a specific breed of dog, or perhaps limited to caring for cats, we aim to target a diverse variety of organizations - just as our Cranimals GOLD targets an encompassing array of pet health problems. Perhaps best known for being a recommended supplement for developing puppies and cats of all ages, Cranimals GOLD contains vegetarian DHA Omega 3 - an anti-inflammatory substance important for neurological, skin, brain, eye and heart health. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB3G6dv2ZHY Combined with our signature cranberry extract to maintain optimum kidney and urinary tract health, while also battling bacteria that may affect dental hygiene, Cranimals GOLD is a remarkable supplement that does cater towards those animals that are in developmental stages, but can also be used for animals that experience the onset of health conditions that may impair sight and mental acuity. So far this year we have reached out to over a dozen non-profits as suggested by our Fanimals in both the United States and Canada, including Bright Eyes Dog Rescue in Saskatchewan,Ratbone Rescues in Florida, Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada based in Nova Scotia andRolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in New Hampshire. We are just getting started with our donations and would love to hear more thoughtful suggestions from you, our Fanimals, as we continue well into 2011 and beyond. To share a non-profit animal organization that holds meaning to you, please make your way over to our Facebook page and leave us a post or comment.

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