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Cranimals D-tox Spirulina Pet Supplement 454 G/ 1 Lb Jar


DETOXIFICATION SUPPLEMENT with Omega 3 fatty acids and Spirulina to support Cat and Dogs with skin allergies, liver issues, pet diabetes, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and support those on long term medications or chronically ill.



    Natural Detox Supplement Spirulina for Dogs & Cats

    Cranimals DTOX is a vegan powder supplement formulated with Spirulina, Cranberry Extract and vegan DHA Omega 3 from algae. This nutrient synergy (anthocyanidins, phycocyanin, DHA Omega 3, chlorophyll, beta carotene, B - group vitamins) supports the detoxification organs (skin, liver, kidneys).

     Cranimals DTOX is the ideal support for modern health challenges such as:

    Diabetes (Spirulina supplementation has been shown to be beneficial in controlling blood glucose levels, and daily supplementation may assist in lowering body weight; DHA Omega 3 may reduce the formation of harmful glucose metabolites linked to diabetic complications; the addition of cranberry extract, helps combat urinary tract infections – a common complication of diabetic pets.)

    Liver and kidney disease (Spirulina supports liver and kidney health and decreases damage from heavy metals (e.g. lead and mercury, elements commonly ingested by pets through toys, paint and inappropriate chewing behavior, as well as and drug/chemical exposure via cancer treatment or long term medication use), while DHA Omega 3 reduces liver/organ inflammation. Cranberry extract has been shown to protect the liver and kidneys from chemical and bacterial damage.)

    Allergies (Strengthening of immune defenses and modulating inflammatory response by synergystic action of spirulina, cranberry extract and DHA Omega 3, which reduces allergic response to triggers such as foods or outdoor allergens. DHA Omega 3, a key building nutrient for healthy skin, helps reduce itching, scratching, skin inflammation and supports coat health. 

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Research trials suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may help to decrease inflammation in the intestine which in turn may help to decrease the severity and frequency of IBD symptoms. Recent research also suggests that cranberry extract and spirulina can be applied to prevent and reduce the symptoms of IBD. likely due to their antioxidant action and high level of nutrients in spirulina. Spirulina has also been shown to help limit IBD induced weight loss and lipid peroxidation in animal trials.

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    1. I have an Atypical Addisonian Samoyed and I will be using this continuously to keep his liver healthy while he stays on meds.

      I used Cranimals original and the antioxidant berry on and off for the past few years.
      My samoyed, Endo, had a lot of health issues throughout his life. He never wanted to eat, it was difficult to keep weight on him and stay on, he would get lethargic from time to time, and terrible runny stools on and off.
      I swear since using cranimals on him (along with probiotics) we saw a healthy improvement. Since we never knew he had Addison's disease, eventually we took him off everything when the symptoms began to go away. Eventually, he had an Addisonian crisis and was hospitalized. This led to his diagnosis and put on medication.

      I'm very relieved to know Cranimals exists and I knew from previous experience with a former foster animal, that their detox formula is amazing.

      I have been giving him a small dose (1tsp) of the detox formula every other day and will soon be going to every day and upping the dose to better match his weight while he puts it on.

      Endo will likely be on prednisone for his disease the rest of his life, so having a natural product like this to add to his new raw diet will help keep his liver and kidneys in optimal health.

      Thank you Cranimals.

      Review by Laura

      Posted on 9/27/2017

    2. I'm so happy with this product!

      I am never going to be without this product ever! My dog has terrible food allergies and IBD. The last two years have been a nightmare and she had lost almost 50% of her body weight. This last year she is also suffering from recurring UTIs that were very hard to get rid of. She was getting a bit better on special food and probiotics but still continued to have IBD flare ups and UTIs. By some stroke of luck I came across Cranimals D-tox and from that moment on life has changed drastically for my pup. In just a few months she has gained 5 pounds and eats willingly. She has been stable with her IBD since we started cranimals, so much so that she is now allowed treats! No more UTI symptoms as well and her lady bits seem no longer inflamed. She also really really likes the taste of the stuff. Her poops are normal again! Never thought this would ever happen. She is spunky and less depressed. Her fur is also nicer. So far Cranimals D-tox has been a lifesaver and I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone that has a pet who is ill. I trust this product 100% and I am confident it is made with the most high quality ingredients. Thank you Cranimals for helping my dog live a better life.

      Review by Stephany

      Posted on 9/26/2016

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