Cranimals Health Check Test For Dogs

Cranimals Health Check Test For Dogs

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A simple, 2 minute urine test performed at home detecting parameters indicative of kidney failure or diabetes. Use with the P-catch dog urine collection device (available separately on the Cranimals store)

Home Health Check Test Kit For Dogs

The CranimalsTM Healthcheck test FOR DOGS, is a reagent strip device intended for the early screening of Diabetes or Kidney Failure. The test allows you to monitor and track the health of your dog in an easy and economical way at home.


The test detects the following parameters in animal urine:

  • Blood
  • Glucose
  • Protein


As your dog may not show any clinical symptoms until the disease is in an advanced stage, it is strongly recommended to check his/her health status on a regular basis. Preventive healthcare is crucial, especially with high risk dogs, for example those that are middle-aged, over weight (i.e. at risk for diabetes) or have other health challenges, are on multiple medications, or cancer treatment.

If detected early, abnormal conditions can be treated promptly by a vet. This will help to reduce the need for a serious medical or surgical intervention.

Cranimals Healthcheck TM tests offer a:

  • One step method
  • Rapid results
  • non invasive, pain free
  • Results in 2 minutes

Each Health Check Test Kit for DOGS contains:

  • 1 test device with easy to read diagnostic color chart
  • Easy to ready instructions

The Cranimals P-catch telescopic urine collection device can be purchased separately on this site for the collection of a clean, free catch urine sample from your dog.

Ideal to use alongside Cranimals DTOX kidney/liver or Cranimals VERY BERRY Antioxidant supplement, and to monitor your dog’s health every 3- 4 months.