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Product Name: Cranimals Original

I love your product

I would just like to say how much I love your product. My senior dog had a urinary tract infection making it hard for her hold it when left alone for a short period of time. After a vet trip and some medication, the infection went away but occasionally an accident would still occur. I decided to add something to her diet to help support her urinary tract and came across your product. I am happy to say that with a daily dose of your amazing product, my dog is now completely accident free and healthier than ever. Thank you so much for this amazing product. Lucy and I couldn't be happier -Madeline Williamson

Madeline Williamson


Product Name: Cranimals Original

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, this works!

My 5 year old Lhasa-doodle suffers from recurring urinary tract infections and has Struvite crystals in her urine. A year ago, she was seriously ill following surgery to remove stones from a packed bladder. Afterwards, the vet said she must go on a prescription diet but the dog refused to eat it (she is a fussy eater anyway but having read the ingredients, I don't blame her on this occasion). So, I have been feeding her home cooked food or raw meat since then. She seems to be in good health but recent follow-up urine checks have shown increasing amounts of crystals and a very high Ph which meant her urine was alkaline. The vet has said that crystals don't develope in acid urine but there was no way to make this happen without the very expensive and absolutely disgusting prescription diet. I am a retired nurse and know that cranberries are often recommended for healthy bladders in humans, so I did some research regarding dogs and discovered Cranimal. The vet was not impressed and pooh-poohed the suggestion that we give it a try but I went ahead anyway. The result was mind boggling! I tested the urine before I started giving her the daily Cranimal and the Ph was off the chart. After just 4 days it had dropped right to the lowest reading and subsequent tests have shown that it remains there. The only problem is that, as I stated earlier, she is a fussy eater, so sprinkling it on food never works. I soften a slice of cheddar for a few seconds in the microwave then roll it up with the powder in the middle, rather like a sausage roll and feed it to her a bit at a time. Tablets, disguised in peanut butter are much easier



Product Name: Cranimals Original

I have 3 cats 2 of which I got from VOKRA and unfortunately my big boy (Archer) suffers from chronic UTI's. I had posted on the VOKRA alumni forum about my struggles getting him to eat the vet recommended food (I tried everything/everyway to get him to eat it, but. no.) and it was suggested by VOKRA to try Cranimals. Well... I was in the middle of a move from Calgary to Vancouver so we just got him medication, and he got better, then our moving stress made us put his troubles on the back burner. We get to Vancouver and he starts peeing blood. I know exactly what the vet is going to tell me and I know he won't eat the food, and since he's so sensitive to taking medication, I know I need to do something different. That's when I remember how highly recommended Cranimals was by VOKRA and immediately ran out and picked some up. Literally within days his pee was clear (and he was peeing so much!!) It truly was such a difference. So, Thank You! You have three happy cats and a customer for life :)

Laura Wright, Vancouver


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Guaranteed to work without prescription diets.

My 5 yr old cocker spaniel suffered with this high ph of 8.6 and struvite crystals x 4 years. He was placed on Kidney prescription diets with absolutley no difference. I found a high density cranberry supplement called CRANIMALS, original formula. [there r 3 formulas] After just one month, Ozzie’s ph was 5.5, no crystals and no peeing in the house from the crystals blockng the urethra.. I will guarantee this will do the job without having to change the food.

Ellen Kane


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Re: Cranimals Original Veterinary Trial

Great news for a great product. Whatever we veterinarians can do to help prevent painful and quality of life altering urinary tract infections that's safe and natural sounds good to me!.

Patrick Mahaney, Holistic Housecall Veterinarian


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Great for cats

we love this stuff and its made in BC.

Maria Soroski, VOKRA Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Good product! Mentioned on lots of blogs. Worth looking at.

All my dogs are taking this.

Machiko Nomura, Vancouver BC.


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Goodbye struvite crystals!

My Shasta has had Cranimals included in her since her last issue with crystals, 4 years ago. She has been crystal free since smile emoticon

Nikki Schonen


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

My pup has been on carnimals for the past year and no UTI's! I swear by it!

Jean Mittler


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Awesome awesome products with unbelievable results!!!

Your products have changed the quality of life not only for my dog but also for me. Your products are awesome in just 1 day on the original formula my dog felt better you could see it in his body as well as he wasn't begging to go out every thirty mins. He is at peace now and can sleep through the night....so can I. After about 4-5 days on detox he ears no longer hurt him. I have tried everything for him and nothing until detox. And the last thing after his last still on going uti that he has he stopped using his back leg. He started using his back leg again since using your products. I'm hoping in couple weeks when retest his urine it will come back neg as well as his ultra sound next week we are doing to just check to make sure all is ok. Awesome awesome products with unbelievable results!!!



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

No UTIs since Cranimals !

My dog got them a lot and since she has been on cranimals she has not gotten one.



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Great product for diabetic dogs with UTIs.

My Buster was diagnosed diabetic Apr. 2015 and had 2 uti's back to back with in few weeks .... we started using Cranimals and nothing since ..... I also love the uti tests you have, my vet approves and it's $200 less then the full panel of blood work I'd have to order to get my guy checked ... So Thanks You! Cause canine diabetes is a real challenge.

Micheale Lee Simone


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Bye bye struvite!

We love you in our house. Because of you our dog hasn't had a struvite Crystal in years . Thank you



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

A game changer product!

This product has beena game changer for my dog. Thank-you for a wonderful product.

Barbara & Olive, Barabara Hudock


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

My dogs Dr. was impressed!

I read lots of good things about cranimals. I almost lost my dog to stones in his bladder & have been looking for every & anything that will help him heal. I also wanted something long term to help prevent the stones growing again. I purchased cranimals based on all the reviews and several mentions on various blogs. Once the product arrived I took it with me to our next Vet appt & showed it it to the Dr. My dogs Dr. was impressed & said this would help my dog he was impressed that it also contained omega 3's & told me to go ahead and start giving it to my dog right away. Cranimals original is a good product you just might want to do your homework first based on your dogs condition with the family vet first to make sure you order the best product for your 4 pawed family member.

Angie Defeo


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

My vet recommended this product and she hasn't had one in over

My dog used to get UTI's at least once a year ever since she was a puppy. My vet recommended this product and she hasn't had one in over 4 years! She loves the flavor and all I have to do is sprinkle it on her food once a day.

Achel W


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Dog loves it and whether it is the reason she .

Dog loves it and whether it is the reason she has stopped making crystals or some other change we made isn't clear, but I will continue to use it either way!



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Just add to his food and he seams to like the taste

Use for older dog and no urinary track infections. Just add to his food and he seams to like the taste. No stomach upset. Much better than anti-biotic which can cause the dog to keep getting infections. Also add to cat's food once in a while and she seams to like the taste and has not shown any stomach issues. Both are smaller under 10 lbs, so I use even less than recommended. I use about 1/8 Tsp.



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

I'd like it better if

I'd like this a lot better if my cats would eat their food when this is mixed in! Even though I only mix a tad into their wet food, they ALWAYS know when it's in there and wont touch it! Wasted Cranimals and wasted Fancy Feast! But I'm sure it's a great product if your cat will actually ingest it.

Connie W


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

UTI's be gone

My cat has had UTI problems forever. Changing his food to Verus and supplementing with this seems to have done the trick. He seems to like the taste too!



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Great to flush the system!

We recently got an older dog and he wasn't in the best of health. We used Cranimals to flush his system (kidneys, digestive tract, etc) to get him feeling better. It worked like a charm, and he wasn't urinating as frequently when we were done with it. We used it per the instructions, and it worked just perfectly for what we needed. We mixed it with a bit of wet food and put it on top if his regular food. Definitely would buy it again!!!

Ashley P


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Cranimals worked

I was concerned that my dog wouldn't eat this since it is in powder form, but I just mixed it with a little wet food and then mixed in her kibble and she ate it right up. She's seems to be feeling much better and I hope this will keep her from getting future UTI's

Amazon Customer


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Love cranimal cranberry

This is a wonderful product. My dog used to have UTI infection. After many treatments with antibiotic, we decided to give cranberry a test. It worked after couple bags of cranberry powder. Since then, we continue to give our dog this cranberry powder with yogurt as a treat. It's a little expensive though. Wish it has some kinda discount if you have to buy every month. Unfortunately it's never on sale. Great product.

Jeffrey L Dion


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Five Stars

so far so good...cats are happy and so am I

Happy Baker


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Very happy to be able to get this online here

We rescued a dog with urinary tract problems. We mix this with warm water into her dinner and she never has shown us any symptoms or problems. Also this cost about 2x at our local pet supply store. Very happy to be able to get this online here.

Glenn Lynn


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Cranimals + Grain Free Food= UTI free!

My doodle was getting UTIs every 2 months. My vet recommended switching out her food to a grain free food and adding Cranimals- the two together have made quite a difference! We're going on 6 months now, keeping my fingers crossed!



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

I am happy!

Great product for allergy sufferers in that it is simply cranberry. Very happy! Very good product. Affordable too.



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Five Stars

Exactly what my holistic vet sells at their clinic for urinary health care.



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Five Stars

Arrived on time and good price. If your dog is prone to UTI's this works.

Cathy Oakley


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Five Stars

Works great at keeping away my Dog's UTI.

Cathleen a driver


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Comments about Cranimals Whole Food Antioxidants

I have a rescue sheltie who had reoccuring UTIs and had to have surgery because her bladder was packed with stones. I put her on this and she has had no problems! Would not be without it in my house. Now all my dogs get it and they all enjoy it on their food every morning.

Frenchiemomfrom Pittsburgh


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Bought for my cat who has occasional urinary tract problems. I mix some in with his food daily and he doesn't seem to mind the taste. I thought it quite expensive to buy, but you don't use a lot per day, so it does last quite a long time. Much cheaper than a vets visit.



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Good Product

I am pretty sure that it works.

John Zameryka


Product Name: Gold 4.20 Ounces

I love this product

I love this product. For any animal lover its the best! My 16 year old daushound acts and feels like a puppy. He likes it mixed with a little bit of milk.



Product Name: Gold 4.20 Ounces

Works great for urinary tract health!

Our elderly toy poodle has really benefitted from this product. If this was not around, his urinary tract problems would still be infecting him. This keeps him clear and happy

Lynzi Wildheart


Product Name: Gold 4.20 Ounces

I give it to my dogs everyday and the Gold

I give it to my dogs everyday and the Gold is the Omega in there. We have clean bowls everytime!!!



Product Name: Gold 4.20 Ounces

She seems to be urunatinf more comfortably. So far so good

I was afraid my dog would not eat it but she likes it a lot on her food. She seems to be urunatinf more comfortably. So far so good!

Jan Davis


Product Name: Cathy S

Five Stars

the dogs love it on their food.



Product Name: Gold 4.20 Ounces

Simple if you love your dog

Simple if you love your dog..this is the stuff to keep them alive as they age.I have seen my boy look like he's on deaths door urinating blood two day after this stuff it's puppy time,I am a personal trainer I wish I could find supplement for myself that works this good.

Christian Velge


Product Name: Gold 4.20 Ounces

Super Product

A+++++++ For your doggy that may have issues that you wish to avoid expensive medicine or surgery for your pup.



Product Name: Gold 4.20 Ounces

It's a great product.

My german shepherd is prone to urinary infections,she is disabled in her hind area, due to a stroke. This helps her more then cranberry comfort. She has been using it for over a year

Andrea Fullerton


Product Name: Gold 4.20 Ounces

Love it!

My cat had issues with bladder infections/crystals and was urinating blood for almost three years. Thousands of dollars and many many vet visits later, I finally decided that the vet wasn't working and I needed to do some research on my own. I switched my cat to a raw meat diet (using Know Better Pet Food as a supplement) and I mixed Cranimals original into his food at every feeding. Less than six months later was his last episode. Around November 2014, after his last infection, I switched him to Gold. He is still on his raw meat diet and loves it



Product Name: Verry Berry

I put a small spoon of this in my Aussie's food twice a day. She eats it right up and even licks the spoon. I feel that anything that will help her life the better and cranberries are good for her. I noticed her limping has stopped so the Gold version is also good for the joints, hips, and muscles


Product Name: Verry Berry

My fav. local pet shop started carrying Cranimals. And they wouldn't carry anything they don't feed their own dogs. So, they hooked me up with a free sample and the dogs loved it! Right now, everybody is healthy and happy and I would like to keep it that way. This stuff (CRanimals Very Berry) just smells sooo good~and it helps to keep their teeth/gums/breath nice too. I always seem to have a Giant Schnauzer or two around and now they have the best kisses ever! Thanks for making such a great product!

Becky Cahill


Product Name: Verry Berry

Our 4 rescues love the taste of Zendog biscuits and give them the Cranimals Original or the Very Berry supplement at dinner time with their food. I have noticed that it's helping with the management of their heartworms (only 2 have them :( ), the agility in the larger 2, and all 4 have become more lively/spunky, regardless of ages.

Laura Mary Scott Monsted


Product Name: Verry Berry

I have 3 senior rescue dogs, they love this added to their food. My Peke has seizures (non-specific)and I am trying to help her any way I can. Since starting her on SoJos and this product she hasn't had a seizure in about 7 months

Sydcherfrom Aurora


Product Name: Verry Berry

My husband and I rescue (and keep!) Cocker Spaniels. We have 7 total presently, all with "special" medical needs. One in particular, Mya, we have had since she was 9 months. She was in really bad shape we adopted her as she had been exposed and survived Distemper, but suffered the side effects. Also, she had suffered a head injury, resulting in brain damage. We had an MRI and Spinal Tap done to confirm. Our vet did not think she would survive long actually, she was that sickly. We had her on a concentrated liguid antioxident, which smelled and tasted terrible but helped her.

Jazzyarizonafrom Oregon


Product Name: Verry Berry

My 9 year old siberian husky/shepard mix loves the product. I feel confident adding the Very Berry to her diet not only because it contains powerful antioxidants, but the product is organic. She suffers from skin allergies, and I believe administering Very Berry along with a grain free diet and organic coconut oil is beneficial to her over all health and controlling her skin flair-ups. I also checked with her Vet prior to administering the product

Ninafrom St Charles Illinois


Product Name: Verry Berry

I have ordered Cranimals several times. I have a young dog and my father has an old dog. My dog LOVES these. My father's dog has been so happy since we began feeding him these that I feel he is rejuvenated and more energetic than ever. The vet told my father his dog had about 1 month to live and he's going on 2 months now-happier and more energetic than ever. This has been a wonderful addition to his meals. Thank you so much!

Dances with Dogsfrom Arlington Heights


Product Name: Verry Berry

I bought the Very Berry for our rescue dog and two shelter cats. Although I wasn't trying to cure any specific ailment in our pets, the thought of added antioxidants made sense to me. No complaints here! The dog especially seems to enjoy it. I sprinkle it on top of his food and mix it in with the cats' wet food. I might try the Gold next time, as my dog is about 8 and our cats are 11 and 6.

Dog Loverfrom Miami


Product Name: Cranimal Gold

We started using your product and love it! We use to use Angel eyes but the Cranimals helped our all white english bulldogs with his tear stains right away:) We cater to mostly high end homes as well as celebrities and sports players. Kelly Osbourne owns our Blue english Willie and is currently a mascot for Pet Smart expressions. Linda Paulsen, owner, West Coast Rare Bulldogs


Product Name: Cranimal Gold

I began using Cranimals Gold on our Lady (English Bulldog) about 2 months ago for tear stain. She had had an eye problem that left her with ugly dark stains. At this point the tear stain is almost completely gone and I attribute it to Cranimals. The best part of the whole thing is the fact that it is a natural product. There are other products out there that have an antibiotic in them which is not healthy to use continually. I have also found that with those products....when you stop the dosage, the stains return. She has had a couple of UTI's over the last year so I am hoping that this will take care of the problem in the future. Thanks Cranimals. I think I even have my vet convinced to use it on one of his dogs. Yay-ay-ay-ay!

Donna Larson


Product Name: Cranimal Gold

I give this as preventative medicine . I figure to give it is better than dealing with issues later. My cats all love it when I add this to their food every morning. My one sticks his nose in the bag. So that tells you something doesn't it

Josephine McClelland


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Great for UTI and kidney support.

My Tillie is prone to UTI’s, so I use Cranimals as a preventative measure. Additionally, Nigel, my elder dog who died in 2009, fought for two years against his failing kidneys. I’m often worried about those problems affecting my dogs now, and will do anything I can to try to protect and support their kidneys



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

I won some of these (Cranimals Origjnal) in a raffle for the National English Shepard Rescue and used them up. Now my rescued hoard dog with kidney problems and crystals in her urine has had her best lab results ever! No crystals and good kidney values! Thank you, Cranimals!My dog has bladder issues – I know cranberries are great for that kind of stuff. Love all the antioxidants in it!



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Love that I can offer a natural preventative for my dogs - my terrific vet suggested I serve Cranimals (Original) after the antibiotics were finished - great sprinkled on yogurt or oatmeal - my 4 are Cranimal lovers

Helen McMillin


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Dr. Gary J. Duhr, DVM , Ramapo Valley Animal Hospital, NJ, USA, "I began recommending Cranimals Original about 6 months ago for a few urinary cases. After the initial positive response from pet owners, as well as improved urine results, I began recommending it more often. Most commonly, I recommend it for patients with high PH levels, post urinary tract infections, and to decrease incidents of urinary crystals. I am also a fan of the antioxidant properties and the dental benefits. Overall, this product has made many of my clients very happy and I am pleased with the results!"

Laurie Lombardi


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

This Product (the "very Berry") Works Great For My Feline Leukemia+ Kitten/young Adult Cat With Urinary Incontinence. I Read A Few Studies That Said That Cranberry Deters Adhesion Of Bacteria To The Bladder Wall, So I Decided To Try It To See If It Would Help Resolve Her Incontinence Issues. The Veterinarians Have No Idea What Causes The Problem In Felv+ Kittens And Cats. Since I Know She Has Immune Dysfunction, I Suspected The Incontinence Was A A Low Grade Bacterial Or Viral Infection Of The Urinary Tract. Voila! It Works Great! Very Pleased! She's Feeling Good And The Problems Are Solved. I Hope You Tell Other People About This Because It's Been Great For Us. The Only Problem Is That We Are Running Low...if We Run Out, Kitty Is Incontinent. So Please Hurry. Thank You!!



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

I have 2, 4 yr old dachshunds whom I simply love more than life and want them to have a long happy and healthy as possible life as I can give them. I truly believe that just like we humans are effected by poor diet and stress so are our precious furry companions. Most of us are aware of how important antioxidants are as a preventitive to such things as cancer, aging, inflammation, etc... One of the reasons I love this product is that I do nothing more than add it to my fur kids food and I know they are getting the best of the best. Cranimals has done all the work for you in supplying a healthy certified organic product that will help with harmful oxidants that can be harmful. This is a whole food product, not a synthetic made one.I have been waiting for the simplicity of this type of product and FINALLY here it is. I also like the fact that Cranimals donates a portion of their proceeds to a wonderful organization, Friends of the Animals.”



Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

Love and Grateful for Your Canadian Product...I had recently been told, they wanted to operate on my Shitz-shu for Bladdar stones and was so shocked as she is only 2. I did research on line, looking for an alternative and found " Cranimals" .. Between the antiobotic... cranimals, the extra water, and perhaps aparagus, Maggie avoided surgery. We are going to maintain Cranimals. Thank you again

Kerry McCashew-Hepburn


Product Name: Cranimals Original Organic Supplement

As a dog trainer and rescue voluteer who specializes with fearful and agressive dogs, I see many dogs in despareate need of a nutritious diet. Cranimals is an incredible product and I've seen it breathe new life into these animals. I have tried nearly every supplement out there and have never seen the result that Cranimals produces. Cranimals turns the health of these dogs around in weeks instead of what normally takes maonths. Most of my clients are now on Cranimals and they are steadily spreading the word.

Justin Wilcox

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