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Monthly Archives: August 2011

  • My Cat is addicted to Earl Grey - What's yours up to?

    Our Cranimal, Candy Floss is an 8 year old Persian cat. Besides being a male cat, he is a diamond. A precious and multi-faceted delight. When you just look at him, skew tooth included, an involuntarily warm smile would spread from your belly all the way to your heart. Because what you'd see is one of a thousand charming moments. That alone will make your day even better.

    Whenever we arrive home, he comes jogging out of his latest camouflaged garden spot, tail draped with dry leaves, meow-hello-ing loudly before he promptly rolls over onto his back. Paws up and clutching air to reveal an Angora like invitation to tickle his fluffy purring tummy. He is the most agile creature I know. An Agility Cat Championship?  - now that would be spectacular. Like your cat, he can do a tummy- rollover on a dime and not fall off.  Now our Labrador (Candy's best friend), Nala, thinks she should do it too (pic below)!

    Cat addicted to Earl Grey

    Candy, I promise, takes his VB Cranimals with yogurt every day. Despite that he has lately begun to steal sips of my Earl Grey tea. I now just have to walk to my desk - tea in hand and he comes running. He has my routine down to a ‘tea’ - I have to put my saucer on top of my tea cup to prevent him sharing in the left overs of my Earl Grey.  Being a cat of little prediction makes Candy fit perfectly into our slightly chaotic family of 5. Just when you think - ah he has a favorite spot - it changes. For example, whenever we purchase something new - within moment the packaging or empty box momentarily discarded, belongs to Candy. His sacred throne from which he, nestled in, with coy eyes smiling, mouthing inaudible little love meows to all who pass by. Thoroughly enchanted, for days we would walk around his new temporary abode (e.g. IKEA box) and 'meow love'  back until he finally moves off and we can feel free to finally put it in the bin.  And being groomed? Agh he positively loves it. You can brush his back and legs or stand him up on hind to reach his tummy, roll him over and brush to heart’s content. If he used words to talk I know he's be saying - " Excuse me darling, you missed a spot". Nala, our Labrador, taking her queue, helps too - gently pawing Candy down and gnawing  his Persian fur into further disarray. Oh gosh we love our pets don't we? So come on, tell us about your pet’s antiquities?! Submit your stories with a photo before 15 September 2011 on our www.facebook.com/cranimals page or email me at madeleine@cranimal.com and stand to win a Pet Story Cranimal Prize.

    Greetings from Mads

    Cranimals Europe :)

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