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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • 2010: The Year of 'Zen'

    Roughly 12 months ago the Cranimals family consisted of our Original, Very Berry and Gold pet supplements. Certainly a strong team of cranberry-amplified products on their own merit, but there was something missing to provide the attentive Cranimals-fueled health boost in-between and after meals. Something that could work as a satisfyingly powerful 'snack' for our four-legged friends, just in the same way that we might treat ourselves to a delightful Cranimals Very Berry-infused yoghurt treat. We wanted to go 'beyond the biscuit'; avoiding dog cookie recipes that relied on additives and incomprehensible ingredients. If you wouldn't want to eat it why would your dog?

    The biscuit that 'cran' do what common dog cookies can't

    Thus the animals here at Cranimals had a 'Eureka!' moment - why not take a different approach and create a biscuit that would be wholesome, great-tasting and functional? Ironically, we became quite excited to introduce a biscuit that would put dogs who experience over-excitement at ease. The remarkable properties that are contained within each Zendog biscuit are attributed to its array of innovative ingredients: organic pumpkin extract, flax protein powder and cold-pressed cranberry seed oil. We relied on a baked-in boost from our tried-and-true friend Cranimals Original as well, the powdered supplements is baked into each biscuit! These ingredients reach a unified cohesion that deliver 150 mg of Omega 3, Vitamins A, C and E and cranberry antioxidants. As for the 'mood-enhancing enlightenment' that calms your dog? That can be attributed to the naturally-occuring tryptophan within the pumpkin extract, helping to promote the synthesis of Zen hormones in the body.

    By March 2010 we had debuted Cranimals Zendog Calming Biscuits to you, our Fanimals, receiving an overwhelming response of approval. We've had great praise on both our reviews page and our Facebook: Dena let us know that her "Bella loved them! And her mom loved the calming effect!", while Bev shared that she "picked up a bag of Zendog Biscuits to try on my 'beasts' - they went crazy over them! And boy do they smell good, maybe I'll try one :)". With each biscuit containing only human food-grade ingredients perhaps Bev is onto an expansion idea, but for now Zendog is happy to cater to your canine's agitation and stress levels - it can be a hard life for a dog! They can be especially useful during thunderstorms - I believe Steve Cranimals might attest to his dogs taking shelter in a bathtub...

    With a sensational review by It's a Vegan Dog's Life Blog we were 'treated' to comments that had us feeling our own sense of Zen:

    I'm not too fond of most commercial vegan treats for pups. Emma won't touch them (she's our little Miss Picky Pants), they don't have the best ingredients or even have toxic ingredients like onion & nutmeg. These, however, are definitely our favorites out of all the commercial treats by far.

    Besides not containing any of the biggest allergens (wheat, corn or soy), they're organic and most of all, both of my girls absolutely love them. Since they're supposed to be a calming treat, they each get one before bed after taking care of "business outside". While I can't really say that I notice if the girls get calmer or not, I can say that they are quite enthusiastic about these treats!

    ppn editor's choice Proud to be an Editor's Choice!

    To top off a successful inaugural year, we garnered the Pet Product News Editor's Choice 2010 Seal of Approval, commended for being a biscuit that is "formulated to contribute essential nutrients to a dog's diet". We would like to think that it's our certified organic proprietary ingredients that is attributed to Zendog's success, but we're sure that having a cover model like Charlie Cranimals (in her most 'animated' Zen-esque pose ;)) could have something to do with it.

    Have you tried our Zendog Calming Biscuits, if so how does your dog find them? If you haven't, learn more about their revolutionary ingredients here, or purchase them at our online store by clicking on the bag below.

    Charlie looking at peace on her pumpkin
  • 'Twas the Season

    Howdy Fanimals!

    Hopefully Santa was good to you this year, perhaps leaving a bounty of shiny red Cranimals bags under the tree? The holiday season is always a great time to spend time with family and catch up with friends, especially those of the four-legged variety, sharing the spirit and appreciating the kindness of others. Whether its lingering to hold the door open for a stranger and their sweater-adorned pooch, making a charitable donation to a noble cause or just simply re-acquainting yourself with an old friend. While I found myself experiencing all three noted portrayals of seasonal spirit, it was the last one listed that was perhaps most challenging.

    11 year-old Golden Retriever Monty

    Travelling home for the holidays, I don't see my family pets as often as I wish I could. When I do, I notice a stark advancement in age, health and mannerisms from the same friends that I grew up with. I'd like to introduce you to my Golden Retriever Monty, a well-mannered dog who has had increasing heart problems related to stress levels. I've seen him grow up from an exuberant puppy to a shy adult dog who becomes scared of the simplest things, but even though he might take a while to deem someone as 'trustworthy' he is extremely friendly nonetheless.

    I'm grateful that my mom is keen and able to look after his increasing health requirements, but I'm also grateful that I have a behind-the-scenes look into how things work at Cranimals - I know that the products we make for your dogs and cats are not only meeting the highest quality for your cherished furry family members, but for ours as well. I've found that our Zendog Calming Biscuits help take an 'edge' off of his agitation levels, granting him a temporary reprieve that lets him relax (though I'm sure being spoiled with some Cranimals SPORT and Original this Christmas might also have something to do with that).

    Zendog Zendog Calming Biscuits - they do work :)

    The Cranimals SPORT supplement helps him build up muscle strength as an aging canine, who although doesn't compete in agility trials or sports still requires a bit of a boost to go about his everyday lounging and walking routine. It's easy to mix to kibble or raw food being in liquid form and doesn't interfere with his medications administered by our veterinarian as it contains simple, whole food ingredients. It's comforting to hear about how our products work for our fans, perhaps all the more comforting when I am able to experience these results firsthand.

    Great for non-sport dogs too!

    Have you had a great experience with any of our products? We'd love to hear about it and maybe even feature it on our wp. Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

    - Steve

  • It's always 'Good Friday' with Cranimals

    Here at Cranimals we have some traditions to adhere to - incorporating our signature cranberry ingredient into each of our products, building relationships with fans and generally being a berry fun group of people (with an affinity for playing with words). One tradition that is near and dear to our hearts is helping out non-profit animal organizations, which is why we started an internal program called 'Cranimals Good Friday'. This weekly event has had all of us looking forward to Fridays for all the RIGHT reasons, with donations made to NPOs throughout North America.

    Now, we are enlisting the help of you our adoring Fanimals audience! We've already made inroads with our Facebook page setting up a 'Donations' tab that allows for easy access and navigation to find out more about our past and current donation efforts, as well as voting for future Fanimal-chosen donations! We donated a box of Cranimals GOLD to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue in Saskatchewan and Webark Estates in West Virginia to kick off December, but we're not done yet! We have a selection of several different non-profit organizations that have been graciously nominated and recommended by our fans, but to help you become better acquainted with each of their efforts we will be posting 'profiles' of their causes and current missions. It's just a small snapshot of the multitude of deserving animal foundations that need help, so do leave a comment or two to help us help them as future 'Good Fridays' roll around!

  • Welcome to The Cranberry Bog!

    And we're live!

    Cranimals is thrilled to be launching a new wp, coinciding with the launch of our newest products Cranimals VIBE and Cranimals SPORT! Here we'll be talking to specialists regarding your pet's health, publishing articles and features to help you understand a bit more about us and a lot more about keeping your Cranimal feeling paws-itively awesome!

    Most importantly we want to hear from you! If you've had a great experience with Cranimals, have any questions (either product or general pet health-related) leave a comment or send an e-mail off to steve@cranimal.com. We'd love to incorporate not only your questions and ideas, but our cran-tastic fans as well. Since my puns are getting a little too much (I've counted two so far) I'll leave our introduction wrapped up here... :)

    Cranimal Chupa Hard at work...

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